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Automatic Polymer Preparation Plant

Boresh Kooh Co offers its flocculation system as a vital process in treatment of sludge from 300 to 5000 lit/h of fully polyelectrolyte solution at constant solution strength from powder /emulsion stock. Its compact design in Stainless steel AISI 304 or High Density Polypropylene and the major components of this system are tank, mixer and agitator, dry material feeder with hopper, heating ring, flow meter, level sensor, control panel – PLC, dosing pumps, drainage valve.

In these processes, polymeric flocculating agents are used to reduce operation costs in coagulation and flocculation systems. 

Some Applications are in:                 

1-      Food industries

2-      Pulp and paw plants 

3-      Chemical / Petrochemical plants


Characteristics Features of Automatic Polymer Preparation Plant:

1-      Dissolution, dilution, and ageing tanks

2-      Polymer and water feed rate controls

3-      Control panel, fitted, and fully inter-wired

4-      Polyelectrolyte chemical dosing pumps 

5-      AISI304 Stainless Steel


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