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Cloth Filter

Boresh Kooh Co is honored to be manufacturer and supplier of different range of filter polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, polyethylene and cotton cloths. Provided specifications are according to the filtration process which meets customers’ requirements.

The cloth filter can be installed on:

            1-      Filter press

            2-      Belt filter

            3-      Disk filter

            4-      Drum filter

            5-      Bag filter


Applications are in:

            1-      Water and Waste Water

            2-      Food Stuffs

            3-      Mining

            4-      Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals


Paper Filter

  Boresh Kooh Co offers the widest selection of filter papers with different thickness, weight, pore size and air permeability. Using this filter paper leads to optimize clarity, flow rate and overall performance and proper operation of the press.

Applications are in:

            1-      Water & Waste Water

            2-      Food Stuffs

            3-      Mining

            4-      Chemical / Pharmaceutical

            5-      Lubrication

            6-      Resins




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