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Filter Press

Boresh Kooh Co is the most recognized manufacturer of filter presses with different capacity due to customers’ demands in wide variety of industries in Iran.

Filter Press is solid/liquid separation filter. Among filtration devices, filter press is the most economical device with high efficiency. The main components are a skeleton frame and a plate stack. The general operation is to clampthe plates while the slurry is pumped with pressure into the cavity between the plates.  This process continues till the cavity is filled or a present pressure is reached. Then, while unclamping the plates, the cake is discharged and the filter press is ready for new cycle.

The elements which determine the filtration rate are: feed pressure, thickness of the cake, slurry temperature and viscosity, nature of the cake solids, and filter media.

Considering discharge process there are three types of presses. Manual Filter Press, the traditional type of filter press. Semi-automatic Filter press, moderate type which uses the hydraulic forces for opening and closing the plates. Fully AutomaticFilter Press, all process (opening and closing the plates, cake discharge, cloth washing, …) will be done automatically and without any need to an operator.

According to capacity the filter presses divided into three groups:

           1-      Fixed (Recessed Filter press): Uses only chamber/recessed plates.

           2-      Variable (Membrane Filter Press): Uses only membrane filter plates.

           3-      Mixed (Combination filter press): Uses both chamber/recessed and         membrane plates.

Applications are in:

            1-      Food Industries

            2-      Filtration of fruit juices, vegetable oils and flavor extracts Industries

            3-      Effluent treatment plants

            4-      Municipal water treatment plants

            5-      Municipal waste water treatment plants

            6-      Environmental Remediation in industries

            7-      Oily slurries and Petrochemical Plants

            8-      Chemical solid-liquid separation processes

            9-      Pharmaceuticals Industries

           10-  Herbal or solvent extraction units

           11-  Minerals industries


Auxiliary Systems

                  1-      Automatic Plate Shifter System

The easy movement of pushing plates apart from the pack during cleaning process will be done through automatic plate shifter system. The importance of this system will be more clear when there is a large capacity filter press with heavy plates. Shifters are available in either manual or automatic controlled operation.

            2-      Automatic Chain System

Each two Plates are linked and moved by mechanical chain system, allowing them to discharge the press.

            3-      Automatic Cloth Washing System

By high pressure washing water to clean away small sticky filter cakes during washing, the filter cloth will be cleaned in a high efficiency.

            4-      PLC System

The PLC system provides the most advanced and complete press operation available, from automatic feed pressure adjustment, to cycle frequency, cake discharge, cloth wash and air blowdown.

            5-      Pneumatic Drip Tray

Enabling to catch drips and washing water, in order to prevent water spreading to the surrounding area of the press. It keeps the site safe for both operators and other employees.

            6-      Safety Light Curtain

Easily can be installed on one or both sides of press, providing high safety for operators and employees. While anyone subjects to be injured or approaches to the moving parts of press, it will be stopped by the safety light curtain


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